Black Sash 1st Dan

All Basic punches and Kicks

  • One Step Side Kick, Hook Kick, Right Cross to the Body.

  • Left Jab, Left Screwshot to Head, Roundhouse Kick Front Leg.

  • Double Jab, Hook Kick Front Leg, Right Cross to Body, Left Hook to Head.

  • One Step Hook Kick, Right Hand Over the Top, Left Hook, Spinning Back Kick.

  • Double Left Hook to Head, Right Cross, Left Upper Cut.

  • Crescent Kick Front Leg, Double Jab, Right Cross, Double Roudhouse Kick toBody and Head back Leg.

  • Left Jab, Left Screw Shot, Right Cross to Body, Left Hook to Body and Head.

  • Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick Front Leg, Spinning Crescent kick, Side Kick to Body, Roundhouse Kick to Head Same Leg.

  • Axe Kick Front Leg, Side Kick Roundhouse Kick Back Leg Double Left Hook to Body, Left Screw Shot to Head, Right Cross to Head, Left Hook to Head.

  • One Step Axe Kick, Spinning Axe Kick.

  • Jabbing Side Kick, Left Jab, Right Cross, Left Hook, Spinning Back Fist Left Hook, Left Upper Cut, Right Elbow, Jumping Knee Back Leg.

  • Left Hook, Right Hook, Left Roundhouse Kick Right Roundhouse Kick, LeftUppercut, Right Uppercut, Left Crescent Kick, Right Crescent Kick.

(Multiple techniques from other lower grades along with bagwork )