Black Sash 3rd Dan

PadWork:- (30 seconds on each)
  • Straight shots

  • Hooks

  • Uppercuts

  • Rapid roundhouse kicks to the pad

  • Rapid Front kicks to the pad

  • Spinning hook kick to pad

  • Spinning crescent kick to pad

  • Punch combos from other grades +

  • Double jab, spinning back fist (rear arm), cross to body, hook (fa), upper cut(ba).

  • Hook(fa),Cross, Double Jab, Bolo(ba), Hook (fa), Spinning Back Fist (ba).

  • Palm heel (fa), Bolo(ba), Upper Cut(fa), Hook (ba), Jab, Cross, Jab.

  • Kick combo’s from other grades +

  • Front kick (fl), Jump scissor front kick (fl), spinning hook (bl), round house (same leg).

  • Front, Side, Axe (all fl), Spinning Crescent (bl), Jump Scissor front kick (fl).

  • Spinning back kick, Jumping knee strike (bl), Axe, Round, Axe (same leg) (fl).

  • Combinations from other grades +

  • Jab, Cross, Hook, Upper Cut, Jab, Bolo (alternate arms), Front Kick (knee, body,head).

  • Side Kick (fl), Hook Kick (fl), Cross, Hook Body(fa), Upper Cut (ba), spinning back kick.

  • One step Axe kick (fl), spinning hook kick (bl), crescent kick (fl), inverted kick (fl), Jab, Upper cut (same arm) Cross, hook (fa).

  • Shadow sparring 5 * 1 mins (15 second rest)

  • Bag work,Speed work,Sparring to bag

Fa = Front arm Ba= Back arm Fl = Front leg

Bl= Back leg